Saturday, May 16, 2009

"We Are Fourth!" -- A Tribute to Auckland

A slight diversion from the usual theme around here ... but, I am a proud Aucklander ...

They tell us on the 28th of April that Auckland came fourth in another one of those world-ranking list things (they seem to come out all the time, and none of them agree), and by 6th of May a YouTube vid was up online. Satirical Auckland at its best.

If you have speakers, turn 'em on. If you haven't, get 'em and plug 'em into the ports.

And if you're able, donate to the charity Cure Kids which is what this is all about.


  1. Kickin' song, Lisa! I actually stood up, placed one hand over my heart and held the other up in a "4".

    Congratulations to my favorite Kiwi. Is it possible to do a PayPal donation for this, Hon?

    "We are Auckland", indeed!

    Your mate


  2. Hi there, Bill!

    According to the Cure Kids website, they accept donations via credit card in NZ dollars. No sign of Pay Pal, unfortunately.