Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fort Lane mural

Fort Lane is a small lane between Fort and Customs Streets in the city, at the back of the old Imperial Hotel. Whenever I'm heading from upper midtown down to the trains, Fort Lane is one of my shortcuts, used with care as there is no footpath, and it's really a vehicular accessway.

Anyway -- heading up from the station to the Art Gallery this afternoon, I spotted this as I passed by. My brain stopped me in my tracks, and I thought, "That looks like an unfinished mural ..."

Unfinished murals are a bit like baby pigeons. Everyone knows there's a stage between blank wall and finished artwork, but rarely is the intermediate stage spotted, so it seems. The wall seems to have been painted especially for the work, and rough lines added for the main features. I hope it does get finished -- what's there already looks promising.

Looks something like a wood pigeon ...

... a heron ...

... and another bird in amongst palms/cabbage trees. I'll let readers know if I see any progress next time I duck down that way.

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