Saturday, February 20, 2010

For Glory and A Farm

I picked up this book at a second-hand bookstore in Takapuna today (and yes, that is indeed sticky tape you can see all over the cover. It's coming off through age, at least).

For Glory and A Farm, by Frank Glen, was published in 1984 by the Whakatane Historical Society as Monograph No. 10, and is about the involvement of the Australian colonies in the New Zealand Land Wars of the 19th century.

Fortunately, there is a copy of the text from the book published online, at one of my favourite sites, Digger History. Have a read.

The cover photo, by the way, has this caption:
"Members of the 99th regiment who fought in the New Zealand Wars of 1845-47 at the Anglesea Barracks, Hobart, Tasmania, circa 1900. These veterans who settled in Australia have met for the final time, just 50 years after the erection of the only memorial in Australia to the New Zealand Wars. Photo taken by the Tasmanian Government Photographer J W Beattie. Photo: Australian Army."


  1. Thank you!
    It was niggling me at the back of my mind as to why I couldn't find the memorial to the NZ Wars at our Melb Shrine of Remembrance, or anywhere else for that matter - there isn't any!
    How very curious, from memory even the Boxer Rebellion/Uprising has a memorial near the Shrine.
    Mind you, there's equally nothing to commemorate the wars fought in Oz between the police/troopers and Aboriginal People.

  2. I think there's a scarcity of memorials to our NZ conflicts here befotre the 2nd Boer War too, Jayne. Those for the Land Wars from the 1840s to 1870s are hard to find. Perhaps because they weren't wars where we sent our sons to "do and die" for the Empire overseas -- yet, of course, that's exactly what Aussies over here (but, we're so close geographically, it probably wasn't as important in the view of the establishment). It's something that should be addressed, I think.