Saturday, December 25, 2010

Memorial to a time capsule

While visiting a friend in Auckland City Hospital today, I spotted something that looked like an elaborate small kennel, sitting on a sloping lawn behind all the new nine-storey wards.

I was surprised to see that wee structure contained a 112 year old plaque -- from a building which no longer exists: the Costley Wards at Auckland Hospital.

So, here it is. A small brick structure, built to commemorate the opening of a time capsule in a building which now no longer exists.

Update, 21 January 2011: The contents and fate of the time capsule.


  1. That is absolutely delightful! Trust you to spot this! Have you been eating a lot of carrots lately LOL! You've excelled! I wonder what was in the time capsule?


  2. Only one way to find out -- I hunt for a news item, on or around 1 December 1993. Have to wait four days at least now, though. Hopefully I remember next week (next year!).

  3. *Thumbs up* ... your mission...should you choose to accept it LOL! I have faith you'll come up with the goods!