Friday, April 1, 2011

Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Thames

My friends Bill and Barabara Ellis made it down to the Thames Heritage Festival last month -- and have sent through these images they took of the Holy Trinity Anglican Church. Opened 18 May 1886, it was the Maori Anglican Church at Parawai for a number of years.

Although it's registered as Category 2 with the NZ Historic Places Trust, they don't have much info online about it. There's a bit more at this other site.

Photos above: the church from the road.

Above: view from the entrance to the rear.

Above: Steel vents in the  floor removed and replaced with this design in wood.

 The organ  - modern day.

 Above: Looking towards the entrance at rear of building.

 More detail of the pitched roof.and the church bell ropes.

The entrance at the rear of the building.

Thanks, Bill & Barbara!


  1. It is so neat, it is almost surreal. The interior is wonderful.

  2. awww how delightful! This would be a fantastic church to make a miniature for. :)


  3. Complete with the milk cart out front.

  4. What a beautiful little church, it's a marvellous sample of true trademen's talents from a long gone era :)

  5. to add to Jayne's comments, I know they dont seek acknowledgement but i think it should be recorded that the restoration was doe mainly to the work of two men, leo and don shaw. Leo with the carpentary and don with the finance. A photo of the Church taken three years ago would have shown it leaning dangerously toward the left and the interior neglected. I would also like to thank my friend Bert Clark for taking monthly Maori services, kia kaha e hoa, toku mahi mo te Atua ki te kapai. SH

  6. Thank you for that, SH. I really appreciate the information. Cheers.

  7. You might find this additional information useful on the church....