Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Update on the Te Waharoa O Aotea gateway

Back in October last year, I posted about the return of Selwyn's Muru's artwork to Aotea Square. Little did I know at the time that the sculpture's roving days were still not over.  This from today's NZ Herald:
Auckland Council is racing against time to get a sculpture back in place for the Rugby World Cup - at a cost of more than $150,000. Four official team welcomes are to be held in Aotea Square in the first week of September and Auckland tourism wants the Te Waharoa O Aotea gateway to be a backdrop for international media. But an Auckland Council staff report yesterday on works progress reveals they will be cutting it fine to get the 7m tall archway back up at the square and at its photogenic best.
The council set about getting a "stiff steel frame" after removing the leaning artwork in December 2010, but "a steel skeleton designed to brace it was found not to comply", so now they're going to try welded base plates. As at two days ago, this was what there was to be seen at the Square.

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