Saturday, September 10, 2011

New wall mural at Pt Chev

The Pt Chevalier Community Art Project 2011 was, well, not exactly unveiled today, but it was certainly celebrated at the local community centre on a gorgeous September morning today. This replaced the old mural, featured in an earlier post.

The work achieved by artist Zoë Nash was, quoting the first interpretive panel: "a series of digitally-made panels reminiscent of the shape of sails. These 'sails' sit upon a painted backdrop of seascape and Pohutukawa trees. The intention of the project was to have as much community participation and involvement as possible."

Am I chuffed that my name is now up on a wall (see above), along with that of the Pt Chevalier Historical Society, in Pt Chevalier? Short answer: yes. I'm actually quite deeply honoured.

Albert-Eden Local Board member Helga Arlington emceed and kicked off the proceedings this morning.

Zoë Nash described the project and read out the long list of names contributing to it.

The manager of the Pt Chevalier Community Centre, Theresa MacDonald (right) said a few words, including a potted history of the community centre.

Deputy Mayor Penny Hulse rounded up the formal part of the proceedings.


  1. That is awesome artwork. Just wondering did they merge in digital media with the work. It looks great no matter what medium was used. Great combination of themes and ideas.

  2. Photoshop, apparently. Each panel has 10 layers of info.

  3. Zoë Nash here. Yep, the work was all created in Photoshop and made predominantly from images of people's artwork and historic photos that I had taken on my own camera. Approximately 90 hours were spent staring at my computer screen putting the images together. Lots of layers, blending modes, layer masks and opacities were used. They were professionally printed onto vinyl which was then wrapped around aluminium boards, and then a graffiti-guard film added. Really happy with how they turned out.

  4. Hi Zoe

    Thanks so much for the background on these outstanding works you've created for the mural. I hope they are there for many years to come. A real credit to you as an artist and to the community.