Friday, June 22, 2012

Tait Park reopened

Back in June 2009, when I first posted about Tait Park in Avondale, this is what it looked like. 
  Yesterday, after a two-year makeover project by Auckland Council, in conjunction with the previous Avondale Community Board and the now Whau Local Board, Tait Park has been reopened, renewed.

I've mentioned the box before.

The concentric rings of old bricks fascinated me. There are some Avondale ones: J J Craig, Glenburn, both from the same yard but different periods. A lot of New Lynn ones. Then there's the mysterious "BTA" bricks,  "F F Arch Hill" (another Arch Hill brickyard from near Grey Lynn?), Granger bricks from Whitford, and "Clayton & Co" stamped bricks from Hobsonville. For more info, see my post on the New Lynn brickmakers' memorial.

The ribbon cutting.

I'm delighted as to how Tait Park has turned out. From me being concerned about the possible loss of a heritage name on the landscape, to the Avondale Community Gardeners spearheading plans for replanting of the area, to the Council and local politicians getting in behind the project to return a nice place for a break from life's rush back to the community -- it's a great result. Interpretive sign to come.

My 2009 report on Tait Park can bed found here.


  1. I should go over and check it out, some how I missed this was even happening....wonder who supplied the bricks.

  2. Leftovers from the NL memorial, perhaps?