Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Making of Albert-Eden

Apart from the fact that 29 September to 14 October is Auckland Heritage Festival (and yes, I'm involved, four talks and three other events during the festival) -- recently I was asked by those with the Albert-Eden Local Board to help with a video project called The Making of Albert-Eden. I've seen part of the end result, and I reckon it's definitely worth popping along to the Albert-Eden Local Board office (135 Dominion Road) to take a look during the festival, where it will be screening right through the period.

My thanks to the Board for a really interesting and innovative project -- which I hope other boards in the Super City take up for their areas.


  1. While it is hardly a comment to be made public, are you a good speaker? You have been invited, so I guess you are.

  2. Well, I got an invitation because I did research and helped with the image compilation and narrative script, so this Albert-Eden project isn't one of my speaking gigs. Am I a good speaker, though? Dunno. The only measure I have is that I do keep getting invited to return to groups I've spoken to previously, so unless the groups are tragically desperate for speakers, I'm probably doing something right. Once I'm up in front of folks, though, I can't really tell how I'm doing except where I get mid-speech feedback and questions, or I can't move afterwards for folks coming up to chat to me.

    There have definitely been times where there's no applause, and I just head quietly for the door, but those times it tended to be just the wrong crowd for the topic, or I'm feeling a bit off. Few and far between, though.

  3. I expect you speak with passion about your subject. Passionate speakers can always win a crowd.

  4. Depends on the subject, too. I don't tend to do a "lecture". I like quirky history -- the weird, the wonderful, and sometimes bizarre.