Thursday, October 25, 2012

Spotting Simon's Cat on Mt Albert Road

Not a heritage post, this ...

Yesterday, with a full day of public travel across the isthmus ahead of me, very little sleep the night before for various reasons, and while in a bus in a slow-traffic queue on Mt Albert Road, I spotted something which made me laugh out loud, and probably add to my fellow passengers' opinion of me as a Very Strange Person. It did brighten my day, though.

The view from the bus of the back of a Jeep:

A close up:

The character is Simon's Cat, part of a long-running series online and in books. The original drawing has the cat pointing towards the bowl his owner Simon is supposed to fill on demand -- that he is instead pointing to the fuel cap with his usual demanding expression just gave me the chuckles.


  1. Never heard of Simon's Cat, but it is clever work by the car owner. Ok, I just watched on short video. Simple and amusing.

  2. LOL LOVE IT! Simon's Cat is one of my absolute loves :)

  3. Mine too. Still makes me chuckle ...

  4. All the more appropriate as the Jeep Wrangler has one of the highest of around-town fuel consumptions, short of a V8 supercar! Its tank always needs feeding.

  5. Thanks Phil! So -- funny, and an accurate description of the state of affairs, all in one. Too cool.