Thursday, April 18, 2013

Neon over George Street, Dunedin

Exploring George Street in Dunedin on the morning of 4 April, I spotted this:

A glorious neon sign up on top of what I now find out is the Meridian Mall, constructed 1995-1997 on the site of the Arthur Barnett Building. The sign apparently belongs to the existing Arthur Barnett store in the mall, dubbed "Can't Stop". As a poster on this messageboard says:  "... it features a small man trying to control a large horse, possibly a Clydesdale."

Other views available here and here.

According to Wikipedia, the artist who designed the sign in 1924 for the firm was "Heber Thompson". Readers of this blog might be able to confirm or not whether this was Ernest Heber Thompson, a Dunedin-born artist known for his WWI artworks.

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