Friday, May 3, 2013

Upper Queen Street, 1930s

I've been buying old postcards again (hey, I know, it's an addiction, but ...)

This one came from all the way from West Sussex in the UK -- and shows a view of Upper Queen Street here in Auckland, some time in the 1930s (the back of the card is dated 1937, but the image itself seems to have been a photographic copy of another image, blurred slightly at the edges, including the inscription at the bottom, so I'll leave the date open for now.


  1. It's a great postcard, I used to collect them as well, still have some around here. I've not seen that one before.

  2. Cheers, Lyn. I couldn't find anything quite like it on Heritage Images (my usual quick test to see if buying it would be worth it) and found no example. It cost all up including the postage just under the cost of getting a digital image from the library. I just loved all those vintage/veteran age cars down the street.

  3. Great postcard...although you will have to get the date from the clothes (if you can see them) and the cars, not from the architecture.

    Are the trams still running in Upper Queen St? If not, when were the lines pulled up?

  4. The last trams were December 1956.

  5. Ohhh may have a copy of the scan please as my nana had a company there also at
    Wadely Hats
    26 Hall of Commerce, High Street. Ph. 4S-211
    Still trying to find the date the company ran for but nothing and would love the scan please to add to the family tree.