Monday, July 8, 2013

St Ninians Digital Cemetery

Well, after months of prevarication, here it is. I'd still term this a work in progress. I have to fix up some formatting, a bit of tweaking here and there -- but essentrially, this is the online version of the record of who is buried or commemorated at St Ninians Cemetery, St Georges Road, Avondale.

If I've made errors or missed anything out -- let me know!

Digital Cemetery: Burials and Memorials at St Ninian's Cemetery, Avondale, Auckland


  1. Congratulations. What an excellent project, and one that people will value for generations. Does it now inspire you to knock-off, let's say, Purewa or Waikumete?

  2. You did good there Lisa. It's just brilliant. My Tokatoka Cemetery project will follow in your footsteps. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to start mine.