Sunday, August 11, 2013

A family photograph collection mystery

David Verran of the Auckland Research Centre at the central library gave me permission to photograph and put this online.

The Library are looking for info on these images,.

"A photograph album was handed in to a librarian in Pukekohe, it was found in someone's flat and rescued before it was put into a skip. It was given to the family history team for identification and preservation.

"The album is a collection of professional photographs circa 1870, taken at studios throughout the world including New Zealand, Barcelona, Sand Francisco, and several in the UK.

"Some investigating has been done ... Interestingly, apart from the photographers' names, the only names that seem to be associated with the album are Mildred Dunn, Mrs Curlett, and Mr & Mrs Walter Johnson."


  1. What a wonderful mystery - and history. I'm glad the album was rescued.

  2. wow - sorta wishing it was my family, what a find!

  3. The thought that it could have been thrown out is awful. It may not interest anyone now, but you can be sure it will in the future. Please update us with what is found out.

  4. I'll check in with the library later to see how they get on.

  5. Thank goodness someone had the sense to save this album!