Thursday, November 7, 2013

Dunedin's Centennial Memorial

While in Dunedin last April, part of the bus tour we were on involved a stop at Signal Hill, and the Centennial Memorial there.

The main structure was erected in 1940, to commemorate the first European settlement in New Zealand. The two flanking bronze figures were cast in 1955 and added after that.

Designed by F W Shurrock and F C W Stab, the male figure is that of an old man, representing the Spirit of History, time past ...

... while the female figure is a young woman, spinning the Thread of Life, the future.

A stone there, "hewn from the rock on which Edinburgh Castle stands" was given as a centennial memorial token from Edinburgh to Dunedin in 1941.

It's an awesome view from this very special lookout.


  1. Well well well! I lived in Dunedin for three years...and didn't even know this existed! Thanks for the education! x