Saturday, July 25, 2009

Massacre at Surafend, 1918

A bit of history that neither New Zealand nor Australia can be proud of -- the 1918 massacre of Palestinian villagers at Surafend. The NZ Herald have come out today with an article on a book published on the episode.

I also found a messageboard thread here. Wiki includes it here (but NZ gets the blame, as at time of reading).


  1. Jesus, Lisa!

    I always thought of your place on the continent as non-violent and neutral!

    Guess who just put on the dunce-cap?

    I'm sorry, and I apologize for everyone like me -who APPERENTELY still thinks the world is FLAT!

    Please consider the source, my dear friend?

    For The Four-Footed Ones!

    Quasimodem and Ice Wolf!

    Thanks, Lisa!



  2. Hi Bill,

    I don't think NZ has ever been non-violent and neutral, my friend -- we've taken part in overseas dust-ups since the 2nd Boer War, and there's our own internal strifes much earlier than that.

    This was the first I'd heard of Surafend myself, via the NZ Herald article. Still, it is just an event in a war made up of hundreds of events we'd be shocked by today. Part of our history, though.