Wednesday, July 29, 2009

A mural soon to be no more in Kingsland

This is a bad news / good news kind of story. I came across it quite by chance, while looking at the recent agenda and minutes for the July meeting of the Eden-Albert Community Board. The words "mural", "Kingsland Station", and "decommissioning" sprang out at me. I investigated.

A long mural decorating a wall at the Kingsland train station, fronting Sandringham Road, was painted by Daniel Tippett and unveiled in October 2006. The wall, however, is part of Ontrack's rail facility there, leased to the Auckland Regional Transport Authority -- and with plans for the 2010 Rugby World Cup at Eden Park proceeding, the train station is to be altered from the end of this year. This means, the mural will have to go.

There's no way of removing and resiting the mural, which is painted on the wall itself. Where it is today, is scheduled to be covered by a concrete block wall. That's the bad news -- a really beautiful mural will be gone from the end of this year.

However, here's the good news. According to the item report on the Board's agenda, a new mural by Daniel Tippett is in the final stages of commission by the Board, at the rear of the Sauvarins Building which backs onto Kingsland Station. Plus, Auckland City Council officers have suggested a replacement mural could be commissioned for the new wall, if the council decide to pursue that option.

I'm pleased that some suggestions for replacement have been put forward, even if nothing further happens regarding the new wall. The mural, as it is today, is truly gorgeous.


  1. What a beautiful mural!
    Glad to see they're going to put another in its place, a plain wall after all that beauty to look at would be a sad let-down!

  2. I love this mural too. So glad you have taken some photos that we can enjoy long after it's gone.

  3. Thanks for the comments. You're welcome, Bon. I just had to get something on here about it -- it's too beautiful.