Monday, April 19, 2010

Otahuhu heritage murals

Elaine Read, editor of the Otahuhu Despatch, the newsletter for the Otahuhu Historical Society, has very kindly granted permission for me to put these images from the newsletter of a couple of Otahuhu's heritage murals up on the blog. She says there's more to come -- and I'm grateful because these can be added to the collection already here.

Above is Hall's Store in Hall Avenue. This was the only general store around in the district, run by John Hall, when the Fencibles settled there in 1848.

Below, the Star Hotel.

Located on a triangle of land bounded by Great South Road and Atkinson Avenue, today's Star Hotel is the only one remaining from that era in the 19th century. The original hotel was built by Edmund Foley in 1869. The mural shows a scene from 1927-1929.

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  1. My Great Great GrandFather Edmund Foley1869.So good to see.