Thursday, April 1, 2010

St Ninian's in The Aucklander

Just had a call from our Society's treasurer that The Aucklander have published their article on St Ninian's and the 150th. I'm chuffed, and Council say it might reopen later this year! Fingers crossed.

Just on a week to go to the commemoration, now ...


  1. That's great stuff!Fingers crossed it will re-open be nice to see it used by the community again as it should be.

  2. That is very cool.

    Saw this and thought you might like it -

  3. Cheers, Liz!

    Woah, Marita, that's cool -- but $34.99?? Good grief, so there's still money to be spun from th' ol' Kiwi LOTR franchise, I see! ;-)

  4. As long as there are fans there will be a market for it.