Thursday, September 2, 2010

Even More Otahuhu heritage murals

More photos of Otahuhu's heritage murals, based on images from the Otahuhu Historical Society.  Previous images can be found here, and here. From the Society's July newsletter:
"This month we have walked to the corner of Great South Road and Park Avenue to find three murals of the activities of Andrew and Andrew.

"This third mural relating to Andrew and Andrew shows Norman Pee with a Diamond T. delivery van. Norman was 22 years of age when this photograph was taken in 1920. He was employed as a driver at Andrew and Andrew, initially driving horses before progressing to motor vehicles. At this time Norman was living at Glasgow House, next door to the premises of Andrew and Andrew in Great South Road. He did not have far to go to work in the morning.

"About 1936 Norman shifted his family to Ruawai and became a farmer."

From the Society's August newsletter:
"This month we look at the north side of Park Avenue to find a mural of the Great South Road in 1913. The view is looking south from Station Road.

"The drapery and millinery shop on the right hand side of the road was run by Jas. McQueen. Next to this shop is tailor Bert Jenkins and bootmaker Edwin Jenkins Wilkins was in the shoe shop. Further up the street are Gardiner’s bakery and John Todd’s clothing shop.

"On the left hand side we are looking up the Great South Road towards the Criterion Hotel. In the foreground is Wallace and Sons grocery shop next to the butchers shop. Other shops on this side of the street are fruiters Nutter and Toms and the Bank of New Zealand."

My thanks to the Otahuhu Historical Society for continued permission to publish these photos.


  1. I'm enjoying the Otahuhu series. When I was a lad, Otahuhu was our nearest shopping centre and I'm just old enough to remember the last of the horse troughs on the side of the road and once, to my great excitement, an actual horse drinking from one! This was in the 1950s when it was by then quite rare to see horse power mingling with horsepower!

  2. Cheers, Phil. I'll pass on your comment to the Society.

  3. I would like to know where to get similar wall pictures made for Silverdale. We have good collection of historic pictures but need a company to enlarge them for shop walls. Please email