Sunday, September 5, 2010

Update on the Newmarket gun

Remember this post, when they'd relocated the gun but then just left it in the grass? And then this post and this post, where things somewhat hit the fan?


Passing today, on my way to Parnell, I spotted an upright object at Olympic Reserve ...

Could it be ...? I headed closer.

Yes! It is! The gun's off the ground!

No interpretive panel yet, but hey -- at least it is off the ground. Good result.

In the foreground above, the spot where it had been left, two impressions left by the bits of concrete.

Well done, Auckland City Council. They said August, and they have kept their word.


  1. The power of the internet. It doesn't look like it would have cost much to mount.

  2. Aye, Andrew. Reckon. Some hunks of wood, looking suitably heritagey, on concrete. That thing would be a bit of an effort to lift, mind!

  3. YAYYYY WELL DONE YOU DOLL! Fantastic :-))))

  4. Cheers, Sandy. I'm just still thrilled to see it off the ground. Next step (if someone remembers to do it in the Super City) is a panel explaining what the heck it's all about. But, first things got done first. Yay! :-)

  5. Yep, would have cost more for a crane to lift it into position than anything else!
    Yay, about bleeping time :)