Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Reopening of the Chapel of Faith in the Oaks, Waikumete Cemetery

I was very honoured to receive an invitation from Friends of Waikumete to attend today's function, the reopening of the chapel. In March this year, I posted photos of the chapel during its restoration.

The proceedings was led by a piper, and ministers from various faiths.

Those present were led into the chapel, which was blessed.

Speeches, of course. Speaking here is Councillor Janet Clews, with Mayor Bob Harvey of Waitakere City in the middle.

A plaque was unveiled inj memory of Mary Gilligan.

White doves were released.

Artist Ray Blomfield standing proudly by his painting of the chapel.

Another plaque, this one for the reopening itself.

Now, back in March, I took a photo of the old street sign for the chapel.

This is the new one.

Below, some interior shots of the chapel.

I have no idea what this is called in Maori, but it was used to bless the chapel.

Finally, some exterior shots.


  1. Thank you for sharing. I'm so pleased a part of Waitakere's history has been restored rather than lost :)
    Well done to everyone who committed to keeping this part of history xxx

  2. awww yes indeed thanks you for sharing! It has come up splendidly!!!

  3. Hi Lisa, Wonderful photographs, so delighted you and Sue were there. F.O.W. are conducting a walk on the 30th (Sat) October 5.p.m. -7.p.m. Historic graves etc. Funny day I know - any chance you can come? I,m going to see Barry Shaw (founding member of F.O.W.) so will show him these photos, Kindest regards

    Barbara Harvey

  4. Hi Barbara,
    I'd be delighted to come. Good time of the day for a trek! Cheers.

  5. Just been to see the chapel today as I have discovered that my great grandparents ashes are buried just a few feet away from the chapel. Evidently a lot of ashes from the past were stored in the chapel until they were interred outside. Pity they didn't list the names of the deceased on the plaque. Would have been a nice thing to do for descendants. Otherwise chapel looks beautiful,

    1. I've asked at the Friends of Waikumete Cemetery Facebook page about this, to see if there is a list.

    2. This from Kath Kingswood, Friends of Waikumete:
      "There were a huge number of ashes, Lisa, the chapel was full of them when the first restoration was done, I have been taking details as I go through the records. It would have been totally impossible to do a plaque. I suspect that the cemetery office will have such a list the ph # is 818-5615. Cheers."

  6. Barbara May CaudwellMarch 24, 2018 at 7:19 AM

    Thank you so much to everyone involved in the restoration