Friday, October 29, 2010

Waitemata ferries remembered at Devonport Library

According to the North Shore Libraries' site (to be all part of Auckland Council from next Monday),  these pottery tiles were made by Barry Brickell, of Driving Creek Railway fame. The 18-tile set features past and present watercraft and ferries linking Auckland  with the Shore.

Maori waka, "Akarana Ki Takapuna."

Tainui, 1873. Auckland & North Shore Steam Ferry Co.

SS Condor, 3rd version. 1908-1936.

Whale boat, the first official ferry. 1854-1865.

PS Eagle, 1886-1924.

Sparrowhawk, 1911-1959;  Goshawk 1909-1959. Replaced by the harbour bridge.

The first Devonport steam ferry, Emu, 1860. Captain Kreeft.

Takapuna, 1925-1950. Makora, 1921-1970. Ngoiro, 1914-1959.

PS Osprey, 1887-1890.

Enterprise, Holmes Bros., 1865.

PS Osprey, 1887-1926.

Mollyhawk, 1923-1957. Eaglehawk, 1926-1959.

PS Devonport, built 1870 Auckland. Owners, Holme Bros., Auckland & North Shore Steam Ferry Co.

SS Albratross, 1904-1960.

George and Francis Peat, renamed 1951 the Ewen W & Alexander Alison, 1946-1959, diesel, ex-Tasmanian Govt.

PS Takapuna, 1872-1911. Built by H Nicol, operated by Devonport Steam Ferry Co. A better image (sorry about the blur) here.

SS Kestrel, 1905-, Peregrine, 1912-1959.

And today's seabus Kea, 1988-. It says North Shore Ferry Co. Ltd, but we all know it's run by Fullers.


  1. What a great tribute and memorial record to the many ferries, that's a very talented chap.
    Glad you've taken the photos, Lisa, not just to share with us but to file them away for future reference if they're ever damaged or 'moved'.

  2. Cheers, Jayne. North Shore Libraries have got photos on their database, which is good -- as you say, it's an insurance policy against disaster. Barry Brickell is certainly a great artist, the pride of the Coromandel. If ever you get a chance to pop over the Ditch, visit the Driving Creek Railway. You'd love it.

  3. Hi Lisa, Graeme Easte here. Very interesting collection of images. You show an image of the very first Devonport ferry - a whale boat. Have you any info on the size (length) of such craft?
    Cheers, Graeme (