Friday, November 5, 2010

Overdoing the Square Edge, Palmerston North

Kiwi Nomad gave me the heads up on the repainting of Palmerston North's Square Edge building in her comment to my post on Repainting the Old -- with reference to Devonport's Victoria Theatre.

Take a look at the before ...

Kiwi Nomad wrote:
"We have a building here in Palmerston North -Square Edge- where a repainting job has maybe gone too far to the opposite extreme: it is very bright- all the facade details stand out- but there is no sense of context with surrounding buildings."
You're not kidding about the lack of sense of context, KN. That's just ... just ... words fail me, here. It's like a blue-and-red visual scream to me.


  1. Please....bring back black and white photography!!!

    Grae and Gail

  2. Yep, that really, really needs black-and-white, I have to agree.

  3. For good or bad, there will be one building in Palmerston North that I will always remember.