Sunday, November 7, 2010

Pukekohe's former fire brigade station

According to some online references to early newspapers in the Franklin area, this appears to date from 1930. The Pukekohe Volunteer Fire Brigade itself celebrated their 75th anniversary in 1986, so began in 1911. This must have been a great step up in facilities for them in the 1930s. Come the early 1980s, however, as has happened with so many fire services in the region, the old stations prove inadequate and are either demolished for new buildings on the same site or vacated. This one is the latter case. It apparently has been a restaurant recently.

I don't know what is expected to happen to the building in the future. I was just visiting Pukekohe for the day yesterday while attending a regional gathering for members of the NZ Federation of Historical Societies. When I can, I'll contact Franklin Historical Society (it's virtually right outside their rooms in the heart of Pukekohe) to see how things go.


  1. Susanne Stone, Pukekohe EastDecember 23, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    Unfortunately, the building seems to be being altered rather dramatically with the inside gutted, extensions and a new colour scheme. It is supposed to be protected under Schedule 8a of Franklin Council's District plan, but we are Auckland City now so I suppose that's all forgotten. Ironically, as it has just been singled out as a heritage site on the new heritage boards in the town.

  2. That's sad to hear, Susanne. Looks like that work started under Franklin Council's overview, though. Someone must have approved the work.