Friday, December 31, 2010

Gateway to Grafton

Something new added to the corner of Grafton and Park Road since I last wandered around those parts.

A mosaic pillar, featuring oak leaves, welcoming one and all to the suburb of Grafton.

Well, at least it's colourful!


  1. That pole is certainly eye-catching!
    Am admiring the Grafton Bridge Flats, that signwriting looks like it's Art Nouveau style, I'm surprised the flats are so plain, otherwise, or have decorations been removed?

  2. The land that the building is on used to belong to the Wesleyan School (which shifted in the 19th century from Grafton to Three Kings but kept the land as an endowment asset). Archives New Zealand show a record for a "Grafton Bridge Flats" company (1924-1966 -- BBNZ, Series 5181, closed company files) and Wises Directories show that they're there c.1925. It was built within the Art Deco period, but it could be possible that it relied more on exterior paintwork picking out the few details in the centre than anything else.

  3. My great grandparents Minnie Ruth and Richard Wilkinson lived here about 1926.Minnie died here at #8 on March 2nd 1926.

  4. Hi there,

    I am doing a research project on the heritage of Grafton Bridge Flats but am struggling to find information on the history of the building. Could someone possibly direct me where I can obtain some information from? I have put some efforts in already but not much result.

    Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance!

    1. You say you've done some research already -- did that include Council Archives? Checking valuation field sheet files, aperture cards for building permits?

  5. I moved into a single bedroom flat in that building in 88/89 and it was a great location. The flat was odd shaped, looked out to the back carpark and had loads of old cupboards in the kitchen - a huge amount with some really high and unaccessible. I remember this as when I moved in, I looked into each cupboard and at the back of one of the hardest to reach I found a dusty pile of 1950s womans magazines that looked like they hadn't been touched since that decade. While normally I wouldn't be interested in such magazines I found these historical ones fascinating in every way, the fashion, tone of voice, advertisements etc. I hope this building survives as it is one of the few apartments of character left in Auckland