Thursday, June 2, 2011

Lost in the Auckland Star: currant buns and cheering tea

The Auckland Star (formerly Evening Star) is now online at Papers Past from the above issue through to the end of 1903. They're promising more, later -- but for now ... oh, yes, it is a glorious and wondrous time as I let the floodgates go on so many enquiries in the back of my mind, so many holes I've had in my understanding and research.

Already, I've found another Avondale publican I wasn't aware was anywhere near my district -- Daniel Arkell, for a brief time in 1888, but the very first publican of the last hotel, before Michael Foley. He had a story to him, did Mr Arkell, this I already knew. Now, I can find out more ...

Such finds after all this time, after nearly 30 years of looking through papers and records and the recollections of others, still thrill me, no matter how minor they may seem. So much more to discover and explore, even within just 33 years worth of old newspapers.

I found the following in the Star, 1 January 1877. It just seemed to say so much, for something so simple -- and is quite sweet.


I dreamed all night of the Domain,
Of currant buns and cheering tea;
But when this morn I saw the rain,
I wept and sighed, "Oh dearie me."
But sweet Hope whispered, "Dry thy sorrow.
The tea and buns you'll have to-morrow."

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