Monday, June 27, 2011

Otahuhu's rail mural

This, from the Otahuhu Despatch, May 2011, by the Otahuhu Historical Society (reproduced here with kind permission):

"This mural is located in Hall Avenue and shows the Otahuhu Railway Station in 1909.

"In May 1875 regular passenger services began on the newly constructed Penrose to Mercer extension of the railway line from Auckland. There were railway stations of request stops along the line between Otahuhu and  the terminus at Mercer.

"On 14 October 1919 at a well attended public meeting the Railways Department were called upon to improve the station. Residents complained that there was no verandah on the station, no waiting rooms, and no decent conveniences.  Two months later on the night of 15 December the station burnt down."

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  1. More than one way of getting decent station facilities.