Friday, September 9, 2011

Colours in the dark

One of today's discoveries for me -- what appears to be another Daniel Tippett long mural, this time in the walkers/cyclists' underpass, at the bottom of Onehunga.  Blog readers may recall my images of his Kingsland work on Sandringham Road -- now, sadly, obliterated.

This one, in such a dark place, hardly somewhere you'd be inclined to stop and admire beauty such as this, is simply stunning. I'd love him to be commissioned by someone to do one in Avondale ...


  1. Aren't they, though! Like I said -- if someone can pony up the dosh for a commission, I'd love to see some of his work Avondale-side ...

  2. Seems like he is a proper artist by the standard of the work. What a wonderful riot of colour.

  3. He's the son of a famous NZ potter, Warren Tippett, also known for his wonderful use of colour. Clearly, though, very talented in his own right.

  4. That is amazing! You're right..that's a scary part... nice to see they've given it a less creepy feel