Monday, February 13, 2012

Art and Memory at Manurewa

I was in Manurewa township today to give a talk on Chinese history in Auckland to a U3A group. Heading from the train station there, I took a walk along Great South Road to get to the St Andrews Presbyterian Church Hall  -- and spotted wonderful wall murals outside the post office on the way.

The Manurewa Business Association paid Dog Ford to do up the town in his own special style in 2010.

This particular couple, so three-dimensional, yet they are just colours on a small piece of wall, overlooking the historic Great South Road.

This is labelled as someone wearing 1928-style postal uniform. I don't think he'll have much luck getting that wood pigeon to carry the message ...

And no, the pigeon doesn't too impressed ...

While I was taking these photos, a local came up to me, and enthusiastically encouraged me to look around the corner for more murals. So very cool to see the locals proud of the art in their township that they're pointing it out to visitors.

Around the corner -- surreality.

Followed by a glimpse into a NZ forest.

Okay, I thought, got to get going to my appointment. But, what happens? I spot the war memorial outside Manurewa School.

Yes, I did finally get to the church hall, and had a great morning with the group there. Afterward, I walked back to the station, via Station Road. And ... more murals.

Beautiful day, beautiful township, art and memory along an old road full of history.


  1. Stunning work!!!!! Loved it all.

  2. Most of the mural images you have put up have been all well and good, and much preferable to the to the otherwise utilitarian surfaces that have been painted over.

    But this selection seems so much more full of life and whimsy for some reason. I particularly like the "horse 'n forge" for some reason :-) Being from outside the region, I hope the council/local boards/community groups get lots of regular feedback on how great this sort of thing is, from residents.

  3. Totally agree there, Jono. This selection totally blew me away when I found them yesterday -- so much so, I nearly lost time to get to my appointment! There are apparently others in the township -- well worth the efforts of both artist, and the local business association. If the reactions from the local who came up to me are anything to go by, yes -- these are loved in Manurewa.