Monday, February 20, 2012

George Maxwell Memorial Cemetery online

John Russell of the St Jude's Anglican Church congregation, has worked since 2009 to bring together a record of the burials at Avondale's oldest cemetery. Last month, his project came to fruition with the completion of the webpages for the cemetery and their launch online (my apologies, John, for taking so long to get this up on Timespanner).

You'll find the result of his hard work here.


  1. Anybody know of a Cox family, some of whom are buried here? Wm Desmond Cox buried 1979 in particular. I need to find the maiden name of his mother, Charlotte Novena Cox. Can you help?
    Ron Davis

    1. Send me an email, Ron.

    2. If you're a bit shy, here's a hint -- his death registration, his birth registration and his parents' marriage registration are all online via the births, death & marriages website, including his mother's maiden name.