Wednesday, May 16, 2012

New Zealand's first electric tram

My thanks to Dave Hinman in Christchurch for his kind permission to have these images and the text from his email published here. Also thanks to Andrew of High Riser for the heads up.

The restored body of Roslyn No. 1, dating from 1900 is today on its way back to Dunedin, having been restored for the Otago Settlers museum by the Heritage Tramways Trust, Ferrymead. It will be on static display once the museum reopens on its site which includes the former Art Deco NZ Railways Road Services Depot near the Dunedin Railway Station. Some before and after photos:

1. As new in 1900.

2. As a "crib" near Dunedin in 1968.

3. Body restored, painting under way, March 2012.

4. Just about ready for its trip south, May 2012.

The tram has had a long history between 1968 and now - obtained by the now defunct Dunedin Museum of Transport and Technology, outside storage and vandalism, acquisition by OSM and a partial start made on restoration. Then to Ferrymead and a period of waiting its turn until funding available.

More images here, and here.


  1. To see her restored back to her former glory is quite a treat.

  2. What a beauty! It must be one of the earliest of its type still in existence anywhere.

  3. There was a group of about 7 ex Dunedin trams on a hillside at Cromwell Otago in the early 1970's being used as baches /cribs.I dont know if they are still there.