Sunday, May 27, 2012

Stories of Boyd's zoos updated

Animals in J J Boyd's Royal Oak / Onehunga Zoo. Auckland Weekly News, 19 March 1914, AWNS-19140319-51-1, 
Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries.

Ah, the joys of plowing through new online pages from Papers Past whenever National Library upload more on their site. Thank you, to both National Library and our own Auckland Library, for all the work involved with providing the Auckland Star, currently available down to the end of 1926 -- and, hopefully, down to end of 1945 by the end of this year.

There is a lot of content on Timespanner and on Scribd which I've published that now needs updating and revision due to the Auckland Star's availability -- the saga of J J Boyd, his zoos at Aramoho and Auckland and menagerie at Wainoni is a case in point.

So, I've renamed and updated the Zoo Histories collection on Scribd:
  • Added Paw Prints into the collection (it attracted some attention on Facebook this week),
  • Updated The Aramoho Zoo, and added it to the collection (why I hadn't done that before, I don't know. Must have missed it)
  • Updated The Legacy of Boyd's Zoo -- here, I added a 29 December quote from the Auckland Star about the lion cub who got out from the zoo at Royal Oak, only to take fright when menaced by the neighbour's cow (the origin of the myth of the lion rampaging down Queen St Onehunga ...)
  • And, most updated of all -- J J Boyd's Royal Oak Zoo. It was 32 pages, and now numbers 46. Some dates corrected (I had July in one case, and it should have read June), info on the animals added, including a grey-coloured seal captured at Waihi Beach which later died, more on the confrontations between Boyd and the Onehunga Borough Council, other venues where Boyd had his travelling zoo on wheels during the summer of 1921-1922, and the earliest of his ads for the zoo once it had opened, from early November 1911.
I'll be giving a talk on Boyd's zoos before the Otahuhu Historical Society on 25 June.

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  1. I love J.J. Boyd and his saga. Thanks Lisa for writing The Zoo War.