Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Waiariki Stream

Images by Phil Hanson.

The comments exchange between me and past comments contributor Phil Hanson at the end of this post on the Shortland Street area has borne fruit, I'm delighted to say. Phil has done what he said he'd do -- gone out, and explored the Waiariki Stream (good on you, Phil!) Here's his email, with my comment first, then his response:
"According to a 1939 Wises Directory I've got here, Grey & Menzies' factory was at No. 15 Eden Crescent. That might be a good place to look, Phil. Checking the aerials, there's a building in front of the carpark area at the rear today, though."

"The buildings to which you refer are the Faculty of Law at Auckland University. I visited there today and access to the parking area is not restricted. I checked the wall thoroughly and found only one possible location, shown in the attached photos. The wider view is taken from the balcony of the law building. What a shame there is no plaque recognising this tiny but important peek at Auckland's past. By the way, I remember Grey & Menzies "cordials" from my early youth; they were the favoured brand in our household and my parents used to buy them by the crate. That's not as bad as it sounds; it would be today's equivalent of picking up a 12-pack of Coke at the supermarket!"
Thanks, Phil. Great shots -- and yes, it's a pity there isn't more recognition on the ground for something which was and is a part of our city's story.


  1. Good grief, that's hidden away for sure!

  2. This was the subject of a brief visit by Marcus Lush in the final episode of his TV One series 'North', shown on April 17.

  3. I'll have to try to check that out. Cheers, Phil.

  4. Heh! The vandal! Marcus pulled out the plastic spigot thingie. Tut, tut, tut ... :-)

  5. Hi, it seems it's been a few years since any comments... Is this spring still here and are you still drinking from it? Is it safe?

    1. I wouldn't think so, not with all the contaminants around it these days. Not to be recommended.

  6. Some people do drink water from it. And there is now a plaque!