Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Pt. Chevalier Times No. 4, April 2009

Scribd link here.

For the first time since the Pt Chevalier Times was inaugurated late last year, it's hit the four-page mark, due to my being curious as to the background of the line of shops and retail locations in a small block from Huia Road to Pt Chevalier Road (the old alignment of Pt. Chevalier Road, before they "corrected" it to the present one.) So, I went digging around in Auckland City Archives' wonderful valuation field sheets collection, their planning records aperture files, and Land Information NZ's online deposited plans and certificates of title (within economic reason. Getting too excited with LINZ stuff is expensive!)

Now, I'll have to make the wee journal official, send copies to National Library in Wellington, etc. Looks like it just might survive.


  1. Oh that's great news. That journal is so cool. Hey look at the Avondale Historical Journal still going after five plus years (more actually). I'm working backwards on the posts here Ice.

    Love Storm

  2. Ah, th' good ol' Avondale Historical Journal. It'll be all of 8 years old come September, when I pumped the first 50 or so copies out to an unsuspecting world in 2001. I still can't believe it's still goin' strong. Watch out for the latest edition on the clacks, Liz.