Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Signalboxes, again

After looking at the comments from this post ...

Artforce in Brisbane has been rather busy painting traffic signal boxes, as have a group called Promenade Artists in Wellington (a $5000 project approved there last year). This from 2004 and the Gondwanaland Ministry of Culture blog:


Promenade Artists Call for submissions

Promenade Artists, in association with the Wellington City Council, are looking for artists who may be interested in participating in their Murals on Traffic Signal Boxes scheme. Artists receive a small honorarium of $75 and their work is placed on permanent public display.

A traffic signal box is that beige thing about 600 x 1200 x 400 mm that appears in the vicinity of every set of traffic lights in the city. They are currently decorated with delightful bright green stickers and bland brown paint.

To view the two examples extant walk by the corner of Victoria and Mercer Sts and up to the Willis/Mercer intersection. It is intended that this will be an ongoing project and that, over time, every box in the city will be adorned with original art.
So ... does dark paint only affect us here in Auckland? Can anyone else provide other examples?


  1. We have hideously dull grey painted ones in this neck of the woods (that are usually tagged with scribble), Bland, Boring and Blah!
    On an episode of Guerrilla Gardners they painted a signal box in a great steam train mural (it was beside a train station) and it was such a HUGE improvement.
    We could do with more around here!

  2. You can never go wrong with trains! :)