Thursday, April 9, 2009

Theft of Devonport's fountain horses

Story here.

From the article:
"Devonport Community Board is looking at options for replacing brass horses that were stolen from the memorial fountain at Windsor Reserve.

It is suspected the sculptures, which board chairman Mike Cohen says are valued around $20,000, were stolen because of the price of the material.

Otherwise the act was plain vandalism.

"Either way we were greatly disappointed," says Mr Cohen.

The structure is a memorial to the Boer War.

It was originally located at the site of the reserve’s bandstand before being moved next to the street."

Whoever did this -- you are greedy ratbags. You are heritage desecrators. You're the same lowlifes who nick the plaques from off the graves of our war veterans. Those horses were beautiful, and loved by many, you swines.

I hope they can be replaced somehow, before the Super City thing kicks in -- but then again, you'd probably nick the next lot, eh? Bastards.

Link to a stock photo close-up of what used to be there.


  1. WHAT!!!!!BASTARDS! sorry for exploding on your blog Ice. Lowlife pond scum. That has really made me mad!!! Growl.

    Thanks for posting this Ice


  2. Explode away, Liz. I'm spitting tacks, here, myself. That fountain was so beautiful! Didn't you take photos of it when you and I stopped there that day way-back-when?

  3. Yes I did take photos I'll send you some over in low kb for this post if you like. Save you having to back link everything. That was a stunning artwork and man am I EVER hacked off about those sods swiping it. Heartless beggars...

  4. If you can, Liz, that'd be appreciated. I did find a stock photo, but that's just a link. My jaw dropped when I read the news over the Fairfax clacks. My blood's still boiling, I tell ya ...