Thursday, October 9, 2008

Memories of a Monkey Apple tree

(Photo credit: Western Leader, 12 June 1984.)

I well remember the Monkey Apple tree (acmena floribunda) on Rosebank Road, outside the old (1904) Methodist Church. It gave us shelter as we waited for the bus into town, with its 10-metre height and broad expanse. It was a landmark as I made my way up the hill each day, walking up from Avondale Intermediate and Avondale College to home. Come 1984, though, it was felled and disappeared from our view forever, along with the church behind, both replaced by the modern-day Nafanua Church and hall complex for the Avondale Union Parish. The present church is a nice one, but -- there are still times when I look out across at that part of Rosebank Road, and can't help remembering a very lovely tall tree.

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