Monday, October 27, 2008

No. 1 Station Road

A photo from way before the 1950s, when the rail line from Mt Albert end into Avondale was realigned (the curve that can be seen in the photo was eliminated. and the track raised, so that present-day Tait Street to the right of the shot, and out of the photo, now ends at a point below the level of the line. This is No. 1 Station Road, today the last house at the end of Trent Street (still exists behind tall impenetrable trees, and is part of an Auckland City Council massive road reserve).

In response to a request, I did some research into the land history of the property in 2005 (uploaded to Scribd here), and a pair of comparison photos of the rail line alignment from c.1915 (the photo above and one from 2005) are published here.

They used to cross the rails here before 1913-1914, before the overhead bridge was built linking Station Road directly with Manukau Road. It was once notorious for accidents, both close-calls and injurious.

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