Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Lacre lorry of Messrs Archibald Bros. of Avondale

A wonderful surprise in the post today: a photocopy of the front page of The New Zealand Motor & Cycle Journal of 25 February 1913, sent to me by Bruce & Wilma Madgwick of the Otahuhu Historical Society. This is going to be the front page image for the next issue of the Avondale Historical Journal. I can't see anything cooler coming along to pip it.

The caption beneath the photo:
"30 h.p. two-ton Lacre lorry supplied to Messrs. Archibald Brothers, brick and pipe manufacturers, Avondale, by Messrs. Holland and Gillett, North Island agents for the Lacre Motor Company. As proof of the great saving in time effected through the employment of this vehicle, it may be mentioned that a two and a-half ton load of pipes was conveyed from the works at Avondale into the city, a distance of seven miles, in ten minutes under the hour, as compared to two and a-half hours occupied by the horse-drawn lorries."