Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Thomas Henderson, and his brother David

You know, when I saw so many details were out of kilter in Anthony Flude's two editions of Henderson's Mill, you'd think I would have considered his statement about Thomas Henderson having a brother as just as flawed as some others I've picked up on. Well, no, I thought, he must surely have been right when he said in his email to me:
"One further error was found regarding David Henderson. He was NOT Thomas' Henderson's brother, he had only sisters, but was another member of the family who came out from Scotland."
I even altered my post. But -- he wasn't right at all. Thomas Henderson did have a brother -- David, born two years after him in 1812, one of the keepers of the Whau Hotel. And, to top it off, David, along with his own son, Thomas Henderson's nephew, were at the funeral in Auckland for Thomas in 1886. (Evening Post, 5 July 1886)
"Leading the procession of mourners were Mr. T. Henderson, Mr. H. W. Henderson (sons), Mr. G. Von der Heyde (son-in-law), Mr. David Henderson (brother), and Mr. David Henderson, jun. (nephew of deceased), the other relatives being Messrs. John Marshall, Heath, J. B. Hay, and J. B. Graham."
My thanks to a family history website I found tonight, which pointed me in the right direction. So, of all the "errors" Flude pointed out in my original post on Henderson's Mill, none were in fact errors after all.

As for the post ... I've restored it to the way it was before.


  1. Antony Flude did make mistakes with Thomas Maxwell Henderson's brother David. The mistake's are on the site you have found. The parents were David Henderson and Miss Ann Henderson. Thomas was the first son. David Stewart Henderson was born in 1820 but must have died before 1823. Catherine was born 1822. The third son was David, born in 1823. Next was James Petre Henderson in 1826 and finally Ann in 1828. David [1823] married Margaret Wallace in 1845 [Dundee]. A son was born there in 1850. In 1851 the family arrived in Auckland on the Cashmere. A second son was born while David worked at Henderson Mill. Later the family went to Australia where two more children were born. The family came back at some point where another three children were born. My source is the wife of a descendant of David and Margaret. Another person has given me a list of the ships owned by the Henderson family. At this time there are 60 ships.

  2. I have a photograph of David Henderson and Margaret Wallace Henderson who are my great great great grandparents with their grandchildren - one of whom is my great grandfather, William Henry Wallace Henderson. The photograph is taken in Thames, New Zealand. I have been trying to make the link with David for some time as my great aunt (pictured in the photograph) hand wrote a note saying that David was indeed Thomas's brother and worked as an engineer in the Henderson mills.

  3. Thanks for that. I know that David Henderson's son ended up in Thames. Yes, he was working at the mill, then seems to have been helped by his brother Thomas into the hotel-keeping business at Avondale. He did a bit with the later flax mill at Henderson from 1869 or so, then fades from the picture.

    1. It is wonderful to capture the family. Can you tell me where both David and/or Margaret Wallace were born? Margaret was a midwife and delivered most of her grand children, including William Henry Wallace Henderson - my great grandfather. Interesting times...

    2. David, like his brother Thomas, was born in Dundee.