Sunday, June 21, 2009

Old Karangahape Road advertising

Just sorting out some old items from the digital vault this morning, and I came across this shot taken on the north side of Karangahape Road (beside no. 153 but possibly part of the same building) between Pitt and Queen Street, in 2007. That day, I was heading from one appointment to another, when this caught my eye: a shop under renovation, where some original tile had been revealed. Along with what remained of the pasted-on advertising from another era. One of those "now you see 'em, now you don't" moments. I remember asking the guys doing the work if they'd mind me taking photos. They said quite a few passers-by that day had done the same.

How old are these ads? I'm not sure. For the moment, I'd hazard a guess and say somewhere from 1910-1930 or so. If I get a moment, I see what else I can find out via the directories. (If anyone reading this has info they'd like to share on these businesses, feel free to comment or contact me.)

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