Saturday, August 15, 2009

The day Lorne Street and St James Theatre went American-style

Lorne Street between the central library and the St James theatre complex on Wednesday morning this week was the scene of filming with transformed the western side of the block. I have no idea what they were filming (the scene appeared to be that of a bloke dashing to catch a bus, over a large puddle, past an American cop writing a ticket and a construction crew, only to just miss the bus as it left. If anyone finds out what it was about, do let me know, please?

Anyway, seeing the rear entry of the St James with a temporary box office was interesting.

The American-style phone box near the corner of Lorne and Rutland Streets was something cool as well.

Update, 29 August 2009: It was a shoot for an advertisement for a hand-held Super Mario Brothers game. I've just seen the telly ad -- no wonder they had the American/New York themes!

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