Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good parental correction?

A guest bit from my friend Jack Dragicevich, who writes to say that the NZ Herald haven't published the following contribution from him, either in their letters column, or Sideswipe. Timespanner, however, will definitely publish heritage stuff.

While surfing the internet recently I came across a curious piece in an article entitled “Notabilia”, from the Observer, dated 26 March 1881, which seems to equate corporal punishment of children with the industrial process of making leather. It may have some bearing, albeit tongue in cheek, on the up coming anti-smacking referendum. It reads:

“Spare the rod and spoil the child.” A good old adage not believed in by the advocates for compulsory education. A good tanning does for a boy what good tanning does for leather, makes both good and durable. Look at the leather tanned by Messrs Garrett Bros, at their Tannery at Whau [the site of the old Star Flour Mill at the mouth of the Oakley Creek in Waterview, Auckland]. It is like a champion boxer, good durable, and cannot be beaten because well tanned.”

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