Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Jean Batten Building

Heading home last night, I ducked down Jean Batten Place, lifted the camera high, and took some shots of the remains of the Jean Batten Building.

History of the building here at the NZHPT site.

What the building used to look like.

This post inspired by Jayne's earlier one at the OGSL blog, about Lonsdale House in Melbourne. Pity about Lonsdale House -- they could at least keep the facade, as they've done with the Jean Batten Building.


  1. They've managed to keep that facade quite nicely, Lisa! I'm impressed, well done NZ developers/planners, etc :)
    Pity they won't do the same here in Melb. Another blogger, Cazzie left a comment in yesterday's post about an historic heritage protected farmstead that was demolished for council to extend their offices.

  2. Tch! I'd love to know where that was, Jayne, so I can see what reason they gave for why the old building should have been sacrificed like that.