Thursday, December 31, 2009

Devonport Wharf

From the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society collection: Devonport Wharf, here in Auckland, June 1992, just before its demolition and refurbishment. I think I must have passed through here, most likely as a kiddy on school trips.


It was reopened 10 October 1992 by Prince Edward, after a cost of $9 million. Here is the interior today.




And part of the exterior. It went through a period at the start of this decade of being virtually as empty as the first two photos up above, shop space lying vacant after an initial burst. It's finishing the decade packed and full of colour. There's even as regular farmers' market near the entrance on weekends.



  1. Has the facade changed much as it seems to be of an older style (I imagine) it originally was built in?
    Good to see older buildings being renovated and recycled rather than scrapped completely!

  2. I think the façade has changed quite a bit, Jayne. The front is new -- the newer piles give it away. I think the old vehicular wharf was pretty well left as-is beside it.

  3. Was busy when I was there in late Jan, 2009. The smart money is on walking outdoors when the ferry gets in so you don't get caught in a bottleneck indoors. Devonport was busy, lots of shops, cafes very decorative. Probably so busy because height of tourist season.