Friday, December 4, 2009

Heritage burns: the morning after

An update to Heritage burns.

This morning, I left the house early for two reasons: to be in time for a bus all the way up Lincoln Road to attend a funeral, and to get some photo record of the aftermath of last night's fire. Smoke was a stench that dominated both Great North Road and Wingate Street to the rear; and the fire was still actively smouldering.

Around in Wingate Street, although I was on the opposite footpath, a security guard asked, "You taking pictures?" I honestly replied yes, and then he asked for my name and who I represented, and wrote this on a sheet marked something to do with visitors to the "crime scene". Having got my name, that I represented the Avondale-Waterview Historical Society, and my voluntarily offered phone number, he let me carry on what I was doing.

One thing from this is that, with the ravages of the fire, I now have a photo record of how some of the structure had been put together. This cwas the best part of the day, even though it was showery -- later on, it settled in for a wild and woolly December 4.










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