Friday, December 18, 2009

St Matthews-in-the-City and their billboard

The folk at St Matthews-in-the-City who brought you the "measuring fish" billboard earlier this year are now in strife over this sign:

There are newspaper articles about it. The church has already had to replace the sign once, after it was defaced with brown paint yesterday within hours of it being put up.

These are some shots of the interior of St-Matthews-in-the-City -- a true gem of Auckland, both in terms of its parochial history and the beautiful architecture.





To any of my readers -- if you, like me, think that the billboard is not offensive but just thought-provoking (and, I reckon, quite clever), send an email to the church. Give them a bit of support this Christmas (I already have done). I support their right to freedom of expression and freedom from vandalism.

Update, 19 December: The parish have had to give up, after an elderly woman slashed at the second billboard with a knife. Vandalism wins, sadly.


  1. What comes to me is a thought provoking billboard rather than anything offensive. The church is trying to put across a point. Great Artwork as well I'd be interested to know who the artist was. St Mathew in the City has always been a beautiful piece of architecture. Worth preserving and it's a stunning landmark. Glad we have it.
    Great images Ice and great post.

  2. Elderly women carry knives over there???

  3. It mocks two real human beings... I'm not religious but I'm offended.

  4. Tell us how it mocks two human beings, Anonymous. I see in the news how many prefer to see Mary as a perpetual virgin -- wouldn't that make Mary and Joseph's marriage a mockery?