Friday, May 28, 2010

Henderson box art

Three more examples of control box art in Henderson.

At the corner of Sturges and Swanson Roads, the huia bird lives on amongst fairly tropical colours.

At the corner of Great North Road and Buscombe Avenue, it's gone a bit botanical.

And at the corner of Great North Road and Alderman Drive -- the wetas rule.


  1. I love these around Auckland :-) thanks for sharing, they're fantastic. Weta looks healthier than one i took work for our friendly entomologist

  2. Thanks, Sandy. That botanic one in the middle I've been after for a while -- but they kept having signs in front of it (or, as I saw from the torn sellotape on it the day I took the shots, someone had taped something to it recently). At least that day it was clear.

    The wetas were a surprise bonus. That photo of yours is enough to give the weta-phobes nightmares! They're cool creatures, though.

  3. ARGHHHH SACRILEGE! How can anyone attach anything to these works of art! Thanks for persevering to finally get a photo...trememdous :-)

    Yes Wilhelmina gave her life for education and science :-) better at the museum than on my kitchen floor!

  4. Aye, t'is a sacrilege when folks use lovely pieces of street art as noticeboard holders for the "We're having a garage sale!!!" kind of stuff. At least the tape didn't take off the paintwork. Hopefully it's coated ...

    Wilhelmina the Weta. I like the name. ;-)