Sunday, May 16, 2010

Looking at Local History blog

The Looking at Local History blog author, stoneferrian, has been kind enough to say a few words about this blog (earlier this month):

"A few months ago, while seeking verification for information I wanted to put on the Linking Local History wiki, I was introduced to my first true local history blog – Timespanner. (Earlier, blogs posted to the lamentable but unlamented British Local History website had made me feel quite ill.) Lisa Truttman began her blog in September 2008 and, thank goodness, is still going strong. To date she has written over 1,200 posts and although I haven’t caught up with reading them all I have yet to find one that failed to inspire. Do take a look for yourselves and if Timespanner does nothing for you – check your pulse."
Many, many thanks, stoneferrian. This post is no. 905, according to the system (it feels like over 1,200, though!) Even if no new posts appear for a couple of weeks or so -- be assured, I'm still around. A lot of the time, I'm answering comments visitors make to earlier posts, answering queries, etc.

Great to see that both this blog and The New Zealand Journal (by Kuaka) has been included on the blog roll over there, so -- new link on the list at the left, folks.


  1. Way to go! Told ya the blog was worth starting and look at it now. It's one of the best blogs on the web for history and heritage. Thanks Lisa

  2. Thanks, Liz. Thanks for saying to me during 2008 -- "Oh, look! Blogs! They're cool!" It's all your fault. ;-)